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LW-9345 Fan PQ Performance Apparatus

In this experiment, we use differential pressure meter and accurate flow rate generator to illustrate the relationship of fan static pressure (P) and air flow rate (Q)

1. Standard flow rate generator: Accuracy is <3%
2. The flow rate generator is according to AMCA 210 Fig.15 standards.
3. Flow rate range: 1.78 ~ 42.65 CFM.
4. Common chamber: 150 mm in inner diameter.
5. A blower and 4 sets of exchangeable nozzle structures produce accurate
 flow rate.
6. Differential pressure meter: Accuracy < ±0.25%; Range: 0 ~ 127 mmAq
7. With fixtures for fans' setting
8. Power source: AC220V, 5 Amp, 50/60 Hz, single phase

LW-9345 Fan PQ Performance Apparatus

Standard flow rate generator
Standard flow rate generator

Fan fixtures
Fan fixtures