Long Win design and manufacture mechanic instruments, mass and heat transfer, fluid mechanics and material mechanics
AMCA 210-07 standard wind tunnel Fig. 12 and Fig. 15
ASTM D 5470-06 standard, for thermal interface meterial, thermal resistance and thermal conductivity
fluid mechanics, wind tunnel, water tunnel, and flow visualization
thermal solution for fan, blower, tim, cooler module, heat pipe, vapor chamber, LED, ic package, server, rack and data center
high strain rate experiments, split hopkinson pressure, tension and torsion bar testers
paper published
paper published

The Article Published in Physics of Fluids

Source-like Patterns of Flow past a Circular Cylinder of Finite Span at Low Reynolds Numbers

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To expect ourselves as a Fundamental, Forward, and the First Institute of Research and Development Center (3F_IRDC),

we own 8 labs with the area of 3000 square meters.

A. Information, Communication Technology (ICT) Lab ...more
B. Semiconductor Lab ...more
C. Fluid Mechanics Lab ...more
D. Thermodynamics Lab ...more
E. Material Analysis Lab ...more
F. Structural and Measurement Lab ...more
G. Bio-Medical Lab ...more
H. 4 Work Stations

Over 100 kinds of self-developing research instruments are demonstrated in our lab.
Besides, we also customize research and test equipment in the thermal & flow field to meet clients’ need.

All products’ research, design, manufacture, assembling and test procedures are executed in Long Win.
Our worldwide marketing instruments not only meet international standards,
but also are recognized by the third party accredited laboratory for quality certification to provide professional and reliable services.

At present, our products are provided for research institutes, universities,
IT, semi-conductor, automobile, air-condition, LED industries all over the world.
Long Win shares the most market rate of research apparatus of thermal solutions in IT industry,
and plays a very important role.

 Long Win's Lab in Taiwan-Thermal Solutions, Fluid Mechanics, and Material Mechanics