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Natural Convection Chamber Represents Real Interior Environment

Why do we use natural convection chambers?

Natural convection chambers are widely used in environmental tests for consumer electronics, computers, Netcom devices, mobile devices and LED products.
They provide a controllable interior condition with a defined temperature.

What is the flow pattern in the interior condition?

What is the temperature and flow pattern of interior environment?
How can we describe it in a scientific way?
We use LDA (laser Doppler anemometer) and CTA (constant temperature anemometer) to measure temperature, velocity and turbulence intensity inside NC chambers and interior environment.
9022-LDA-test-natural-convection-chamber-velocity-profile-interior-ambient 9022-LDA-test-natural-convection-chamber-velocity-profile-interior-ambient

Experimental settings

Measure velocity and turbulence intensity within the effective working space in 9022 @ 40~70 °C.
Measure velocity and turbulence intensity in the random interior environment.
Plot 3-dimensioal figures of X-Y positions and velocity distribution.


1. The temperature uniformity, velocity distribution and turbulence intensity are all repeatable.
2. The velocity and turbulence intensity between interior environment and 9022 natural convection chamber are similar and comparable.

Features of Long Win's natural convection chambers

Life span: >20 years
Supplied: >1000 sets
Quality assurance – temperature uniformity test before dispatch
Models for ambient +5~70 degree C: 0 noise generated; 20~70 degree C: lower than 70 dB