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National Cheng Kung University purchased a set of 9354 Heat Pipe Experiment Apparatus

Heat pipe is a super conductor of heat. Its working fluid is evaporated and condensed inside the sealed and vacuumed pipe, which is also the process for heat transfer from evaporated through adiabatic to condensed section. Compared to other heat conduction methods, heat pipe is able to transfer a great amount of heat by a small temperature difference.

In IT industry, heat pipe is one of major cooling components for thermal management / thermal solutions, which output value may reach NT 10 billion dollars. Thus, its importance in industrial application is quite clear.

Long Win’s “Heat Pipe Thermal Performance Apparatus” includes experiments of
* Heat transfer rate test
* Thermal resistance test under different attitudes
* Maximum heat transfer performance test

We would like to provide a modern and easy-to-operate experimental platform and let students study the fundamental concept of heat transfer. Furthermore, we hope it canmotivate them to know, to interest and to keep studying in this field.

Specification & Introduction


LW-9354 educational poster, Heat Pipe Experiment Apparatus