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Release Low-Base LW-9120 AMCA Wind Tunnel

AMCA 210-07 Wind Tunnel is a series of important apparatus to evaluate PQ performance of fan & blower.

It is also applicable to be standard airflow rate generator to measure system resistance (SRC), thermal resistance and heat dissipation performance of servers, radiators, cooler modules, and cooling components, etc.

Since Long Win participated in the field of thermal solutions & thermal management, more than a hundred of customers have used LW-9015 series of AMCA 210-07 Wind Tunnel as an effective apparatus for product evaluation, research and development.

We understand that all test apparatus are long-term investment in a corporation to improve its competitive energy. Therefore, Long Win keeps our main idea of professional, integrated and technical-based service, and provides complete technical consultant and customized adjustment to meet every client’s requirement.

To consider height limitation of the installation site, we have a low-base 9120 AMCA wind tunnel. Its height is 198 cm; Separated control panel and main structure help to coordinate the partitions on site; Noise reduction devices are also installed, which also gets the operation experience closer to perfection.

低底座 AMCA 210-07 風洞