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Thermal Solutions

In this category, we focus on the inspection and research apparatus of cooling components, such as fan, thermal interface material, cooler module, heat pipe, etc.
Further, thermal perfoamance of IC package and LED is also crucial for their performance.
Various of natural convection chambers and thermal wind tunnels play important role on related testing.

Fluid Mechanics

Wind tunnel and water tunnel and water channel are basic and key facilities to explore fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, and flow visualization.
To cooperate with various kinds of devices and experimental items, they can be extremely powerful instrument for both research and teaching.
Long Win has been designed and manufactured them for more than 20 years with good reputation.
We also provide water tanks, more and more collocation items and wind tunnel for wind turbine testing to meet updated requirement.

Impact Testers

Split Hopkinson bar tester apparatus are for researching the material properties at high strain rates.
With different strain types, Long Win has a series of Split Hopkinson pressure bar (SHPB), Split Hopkinson tension bar, and Split Hopkinson torsion bar.
We also provide professional penetration testers in this field.

Educational Facilities

At this moment, we focus on the basic fluid mechanic and thermal & flow experiments for colleges, universities and institutes.
Through the standard flow rate generator which follows AMCA 210 Standard,
students can proof fundamental principles, such as
Bernoulli equation, pressure loss of pipe lines, calibration of flow rate meters, coefficient of discharge and flow visualization of water tunnel and water channel.
In thermal and flow experiments, the relationship of thermal resistance and flow rate (RQ), static pressure and flow rate (PQ)
and the principle of heat pipes are designed as interesting and easy-to-handle systems.

Measurement Devices

This category includes measurement of fundamental parameters, such as temperature, pressure, wind speed.
Long Win provides PWM mode controller in electrical field and DAQ software for data acquisition while doing experiments.