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Long Win keeps our visionary steps and is your most reliable partner.

Long Win’s Core Values
We combine extensive and profound knowledge bases with experiments and research.
We practice innovative ideas through our own all-in-one factory.
We create demands.

In August 2021, a whole new manufacturing building for all-in-one production facilities is completed.
It contains all machining workshops, welding, surface treatment,
piping, refrigeration, sensors, control, electrical distribution and software development.
to manufacture components, products and apparatuses efficiently and accurately.

In 2022, a whole new building for research center is completed, including extended labs and a convention hall.
Long Win will participate in leading-edge projects in ICT, electric cars and bio-medical industries.

In 2020, Long Win owns labs in Yangmei, Taiwan and Silicon Valley, USA.
In 2021, 8 main labs in Taiwan:
A. Information, Communication Technology (ICT) Lab ...more
B. Semiconductor Lab ...more
C. Fluid Mechanics Lab ...more
D. Thermodynamics Lab ...more
E. Material Analysis Lab ...more
F. Structural and Measurement Lab ...more
G. Bio-Medical Lab ...more
H. 4 Work Stations

In 2021, Long Win takes part in emerging cooling technology of ICT industry, including liquid cooling, rack-level immersion cooling, and its POC and reliability tests.
It contains leading-edge components, sub-system, validation apparatuses for subsystems and systems, and material compatibility examination.