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Stiffness test of heat sinks for Intel Purley platform

In 2016, Intel revealed Purley platform using LGA3647 socket.

In the design of LGA3647, the CPU and the socket have to be well attached through the press load exerted by the heat sink, which can make sure the perfect contact between the pins and board, or it may cause failure of signal transmission.

In this case, the heat sink handles the load from threads and springs, which means it has to be stiff enough to keep the same contact condition of CPU and socket.

Long Win's stiffness tester (LW-9649) was designed under the demand of stiffness tests of heat sinks, which suits 1U to 4U or tower heat sinks.

Three types of fixture are provided for short span point load, short span distributed load, and long span test. The fixtures are made of high strength alloy and can be installed easily and conveniently with high repeatability.

Under the friendly software interface, the force can be exerted by either way of constant load or constant speed; as repeating a test for three times, the variance of stiffness can be validated; the real-time graph of displacement vs. load is shown on the software window and in the meantime, the stiffness and R square value will be calculated.

To assure the reliability of tester, both load cell and displacement sensor are validated and can be traced back to TAF accredited laboratory. With various data comparison for different types of heat sinks, the test results of Long Win's stiffness appratus meet what is rendered by Intel USA.

The stiffness of heat sink is a necessary examination for Intel Purley platform, common for servers and data centers. Aside from thermal performance, it is also important to assure the long term reliability through figuring out the mechanical strength of heat sinks.

9649-heat-sink-stiffness-short-span-point-load 9649-heat-sink-stiffness-short-span-distributed-load 9649-heat-sink-stiffness-long-span-test

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