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National Formosa University purchased a set of LW-9357 Discharge Coefficient Experiment Apparatus

For a flowing system, we don’t usually appreciate energy consumption during mass-transfer process because it means the reduction of power efficiency. Besides, the design of pipeline correlates to the Coefficient of Discharge (Cd), which affects corresponding power efficiency directly.

As a result, if students understand the fundamental concepts about Coefficient of Discharge and how it influences mechanical world, they will be capable of applying it to create true energy-saving products.

LW-9357 Discharge Coefficient Experiment Apparatus is the platform which helps students to study this concept by conducting experiments themselves.

  • All airflow rate generator and nozzles are based on AMCA 210 Standard and provide accurate airflow rate as the
     experimental basis.
  • Easy-to-operate platform
  • The test results can be validated by PC-based software
  • Study abstract fluid concepts in the most fundamental and obvious way.

  • Specification & Introduction


    LW-9357 Discharge Coefficient Experiment Apparatus Example