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Long Win will exhibit in TPCA Show 2012 in Booth I506

More than 100 industrial clients and research institutes have used Long Win’s Material Thermal Performance Testers to evaluate products’ heat dissipation capability, study and develop new products.
We demonstrate the following apparatus at Booth I506 in TPCA Show 2012 on Oct. 24 ~ 26.

LW-9389 TIM Thermal Conductivity & Resistance Measurement Apparatus
The apparatus accords with ASTM D 5470-06 “Standard Test Method for Thermal Transmission Properties of Thermally Conductive Electrical Insulation Materials”.
Applicable to the determination of thermal conductivity and thermal resistance of thermal grease, pad, insulation layer, MCPCB, ceramic board specimens under different pressure, temperature and power conditions.

LW-9614 Material Thermal Diffusivity Measurement Apparatus
According to Angstrom Method, the apparatus is applicable for the determination of in-plane thermal diffusivity for isotropic and anisotropic materials with high thermal conductivity, such as graphite heat spreader, sheet aluminum and copper, etc.

LW-9383 LED Junction Temperature & Thermal Resistance Measurement Apparatus
According to JESD 51-1 Standard, it is applicable to the measurement of junction temperature and thermal resistance for LED units and IC package’s diode.