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LW-5294 Cold Plate Performance Tester - Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU)

This apparatus is applicable for thermal performance test of liquid-cooling heat exchanger and cold plate.
It can control flow rate and inlet temperature of cold water automatically to varify specimens' performance under certain experimental conditions.
All tests are PC-based control with real-time display, record and DAQ.。

1. Specimen: liquid-cooling heat exchangers, racks, servers & cold plates,
2. Specimen power: 1~40 kW
3. Flow rate range: 8~120 lpm
4. Inlet flow temperature: 20~70℃
5. Pressure drop: smaller than 1.5 bar
6. Max. inlet pressure: 5 bar
7. Safety items: pressure, water level, temperature and electric current
8. Control system:

(1) LCD touch monitor for flow rate, pressure and temperature display
(2) Inverter-type flow rate & temperature control
(3) Automatic water supply
(4) PC-based DAQ and calculation system
9. Overall dimension: 130(W)x 100(D) x 205(H) cm

LW-5294 冷板性能測試設備 Cooling Distribution Unit