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LW-9614 In-Plane Thermal Diffusivity and Thermal Conductivity Measurement Apparatus

LW-9614 is based on Angstrom Method and applicable for either isotropic or anisotropic sheet materials with high thermal conductivities, such as graphite, copper, and aluminum, etc.

The system provides a sinusoidal temperature wave, and it can automatically measure corresponding temperature differences and amplitudes at certain positions. Thermal diffusivity is calculated afterwards.

1. The range of thermal diffusivity: 0.05 ~ 10 cm2/s
2. Specimen dimension: Length: > 300 mm;
           Width: 20~30 mm;
           Thickness: 0.02~0.6 mm
3. Tension strength of specimens: Not smaller than 100 gf/mm2
4. A natural convection chamber at ambient temperature with a digit
  temperature display
5. The amplitude and waveform of sinusoidal heating & cooling commands are
  controlled by PC-based software.
6. PC-based data acquisition and control
7. Calculate the correlation of amplitudes and phase differences resulting from
  temperature waveform, and get the value of thermal diffusivity.
8. Specific heat and density of the specimen can be manually key-in
  parameters, and the software will calculate a corresponding thermal
  conductivity. In LW-9614 system, measurement devices for density and
  specific heat are excluded.
9. Power source: AC 220V, 5A, single phase
10. Overall dimension: 90 (W) × 65 (D) × 164 (H) cm.

Technical Information
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LW-9614 In-Plane Thermal Diffusivity Measurement software for DAQ and analysis

LW-9614 In-Plane Thermal Diffusivity Measurement principle
LW-9614 In-Plane Thermal Diffusivity Measurement

LW-9614 Golden Sample LW-9614 Golden Sample